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Zippo Love LighterThis journey of mine began in 1990 and was fueled by (pun intended) my father who worked in NYC at the time. He had daily access to thousands of Zippo® products and helped me amass a fair majority of this collection before his death (I think he enjoyed my collection as much as I). At times he was given old display cases that he hauled home with him, on the train. So you may be asking yourself why? We all know that some of our strongest memories are triggered by smells and sounds. Growing up I fondly remember the distinct Zippo® click followed by the smell of Zippo® lighter fluid, as one was lit. I was hooked, and I guess you could say I fell in love. ZippoLove.

It doesn’t hurt that the Zippo® brand lends itself so naturally to being collectible. What was instituted as a quality control feature in the 50’s, wound up being something wonderful for collectors… Date Codes. Being able to date a lighter that has one of the thousands of designs or advertising on it, is what makes collecting these handheld gems so much fun. The fact that Zippo® has made more than just lighters over the years just increases the options for collectors of the brand.

So, enjoy some of the items I have in my collection, check out my Wanted page to see items I want to buy, like Zip-A-Flint, advertising flint dispensers, and have a look at the facts, and other items of interest on the rest of the site.

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