Zippo Accessories

ID # Thumbnail Description
1 Plain Brushed Chrome Greenskeeper
2 Brushed Brass T S, Money Clip Knife
3 NYPD Lieutenant Money Clip Knife
4 Brushed Chrome Pillbox
5 Brushed Chrome Key Holder
6 Eldred Lodge 560 F and AM 1882-1982 Key Holder
7 George Wallace Money Clip Knife
8 Westinghouse Small Knife
9 Brass Money Clip Knife
10 Pepsi Small Knife
11 Clipper Express Money Clip Knife - Big Name in Transportation
12 Klockner Inc. Small Knife, Garden City NY
13 The Manhattan Savings Bank "VIP", NY Small Knife
14 The Manhattan Savings Bank "VIP", NY Small Knife
15 Open Line Energy Services, Energy Alliance, Small Knife
16 Open Line Energy Services, Energy Alliance, Key Holder
17 Ball Chemical, Small Knife
18 Have a Pepsi Day! Money Clip Knife
19 Avon Books, Money Clip Knife
20 KM Money Clip Knife
21 Sales Aids Inc., Charles Pizzelli , Money Clip Knife
22 Huntington/Pacific Ceramics Inc., Money Clip Knife
23 Ulteig Engineers Inc., Money Clip Knife
24 Petrometer , Small Knife
25 A-dec, Small Knife
26 Sudler and Bauer Ltd., Small Knife
27 Albany Press Inc., Small Knife
28 Laughren Security Guard, Small Knife
29 Trego Industries, Inc., Small Knife
30 Brushed Chrome, Money Clip Knife
31 AMP Inc., Small Knife
32 Capitol County Mutual Fire Ins Co., Small Knife
33 Dairylea, Rule
34 Dairylea, Rule
35 GM Overseas, Rule
36 Reddy Kilowatt, Rule
37 Lincoln Mercury Sales Council Master Salesman, Rule
38 Thompson's Ready-Mix Inc., Danville VA, Rule
39 I Love New York, Rule
40 I Love New York, Key Holder
41 United Van Lines, Muhlenhaupt Movers, Inc., Rule
42 Brushed Chrome Key Holder
43 Brushed Chrome Key Holder
44 Brushed Chrome Key Holder
45 American Standard Corp, Small Knife
46 Furmanite, Small Knife
47 Deer, Cut-About Knife
48 Fisherman, Cut-About Knife
49 Hunter, Cut-About Knife
50 Camouflage, Cut-About Knife
51 Scrimshaw, Wagon, Cut-About Knife
52 Atlas Energy Group Inc., Cut-About Lite Knife with sheath gift set
53 B85 Eagle Pewter, Scissor Knife
54 USCG Finance Center, Scissor Knife with Tang
55 Reddy Kilowatt Greenskeeper
56 Jarrett Welding Company, Danville VA, Rule
57 The Little Persuader by Zippo, Money Clip Knife
58 Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Rule
59 Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Money Clip Knife
60 F-14 Tomcat "Anytime Baby", Small Knife
61 Morgan Services, Rule
62 TDS (Time), Small Knife
63 Mini Thin Pill, Small Knife
64 High Meadows The Burtons Greenskeeper
65 McGee Brothers (Masonry) 2001, Cut-About Knife
66 TDS (Time), Small Knife
67 American Spring and Wire Specialty Co., Magnifier
68 Boeing, Magnifier
69 CrownZellerbach Flexible Packaging, Letter Opener
70 Greenwood Lumber Company, Belt Buckle
71 NOAA Ronald H. Brown R104, Belt Buckle
72 Stroehmann Bread Brushed Chrome Greenskeeper
73 Zippo Pipe Master
74 Fixxit Tool
75 1996 Gold Plated Pen, 5800
76 Bradford Owls Keyring
77 Bradford Owls Knife
78 Beloit Manhattan Inc., Magnifier
79 Beloit Manhattan Inc., Knife
80 Raybestos Manhattan, Packings Seals, Rule
81 Zippo Star Salesman Award, Rule
82 Orkin, The Winning Tradition
83 ZEP
84 Jarrett Welding Company, Danville VA, Rule #2
85 Columbian Chemicals Canada Ltd. Small Knife
86 J.A. Welding Supply Co, Danville VA
87 Western Carolina Truck Center, Hickory NC
88 Introducing the New Zippo Zip-a-part Key Chain
89 Total Way of Life, 1978 Sales Seminar Magnifier
90 Total Way of Life, 1978 Sales Seminar Knife
91 Lockheed Martin
92 Boxes, Inc. Letter Opener
93 Jimmy Smith Jewelers 1973-1983 Chrome Pillbox
94 IHEC Consultants Fixxit Tool
95 The First (National Bank) of Long Island, Key Holder
96 Ken Myers Construction Co., Inc. Green Springs, Ohio
97 Virginia Brushed Chrome Key Holder
98 Mr. Goodwrench Fixxit Tool
99 REMS Roanoke Emergency Medical Services, Money Clip Knife
100 E & G Auto Parts, 1976 Magnifier
101 Norfolk Southern Key Holder
102 Woodlawn Volunteer Fire Co, 60th Anniv. 1973
103 Zippo Key Ring, Round
104 Snap-on Money Clip
105 Lafferty Trucking Co, Altoona PA, Money Clip Knife
106 Zippo Adv. Specialties, Ruth Poole Key Chain
107 Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Key Chain
108 Phillips Engineering Co. Inc. Key Chain
109 Pewter Zippo License Plate Key Ring
110 Vepco, Small Knife
111 Milbank, Small Knife
112 Highway Rentals Key Holder
113 Highway Rentals Key Holder
114 Forest Lines INL Key Holder
115 Zippo Key Ring, Square
116 Treen, The Pallet People, Chrome Pillbox
117 Bradford PD Dedication Key Chain
118 Harry R. Dubbs & Sons Money Clip Knife
119 Z-Twin Knife Wildlife Scene
120 RX Pillbox
121 AMPA Pocket Knife Ad Courtesty of Maritime Insigna & Regalia
122 FIGS "Your Zippo Representative" Zippo Money Clip Knife
123 Al Voll Salesman Key Holder
124 Federal Savings and Loan Pillbox
125 Bill Run Mining Pillbox
126 1975 UTU 2nd Convention Key Holder
127 Bill Black Greenskeeper Aces and Birds
128 Bill Black Money Clip
129 Bill Black Knife w/Scissors & Money Clip
130 Z-Twin Knife 2001 South Bay Trap League
131 Chuck Jones Salesman Key Holder
132 Morgan Container Division of Morgan Trailer Mfg Keyring
133 Wertheimer & Sons Inc Fire Rebuilders
134 Superior Clay Pillbox
135 Francis Werley Tire Dist Pillbox
136 Associated Springs Keyring
137 BSA Lancaster Lebanon Council Knife
138 Nascar Ink Pen
139 J.N. Grillo and Sons Ink Pen
140 Zippo Fuel & Flints Salesman Knife Compliments of Jack Schelling
141 Cigar Cutter
142 Zippo ZO41101 Rushford Gloss Ballpoint Pen
143 Queen City Yacht Club Flag Pillbox
144 Nitrochem Energy Cheri-Lee Kulpmont PA Pillbox
145 The New Zippo Keyholder Salesman Piece
146 Valley Systems Knife Salesman Piece
147 The Little Persuader Keyholder Salesman Piece
148 Combi Keychain Salesman Piece
149 Phillips Engineering Keychain Salesman Piece
150 B2 Bomber Moneyclip Salesman Piece
151 1776 Centenial Keyholder Salesman Piece
152 Ford Rule Salesman Piece
153 Tapco Knife Salesman Piece
154 Speedy Knife Salesman Piece
155 Introducing Zippo Moneyclip Knife Salesman Piece
156 Mini Thin Knife Salesman Piece
157 The Little Persuader Knife Salesman Piece
158 US Tennis Association Keyholder Salesman Piece
159 The New Zippo Keyholder Salesman Piece
160 Chevron Greenskeeper Salesman Piece
161 Sunkist Zip-a-part Keychain
162 MacFarlane & Hays Co. Zip-a-part Keychain
163 Little Persuader Zippo Greenskeeper
164 Zippo Key Holder, Amateur Open, 1974
165 Introducing Zippo Knife
166 Kendall 100 anniversary 1981 Knife
167 Flint Metal Fab Stainless Steel with Gold Pen
168 75th Anniversary Click Together Letter Opener July 28, 2007
169 Zippo Scissors Knife
170 Scranton Times Building Pillbox
171 Earl Wells Moneyclip Knife
172 Doris' Wholesale Knife
173 American LaFrance Knife
174 Hobbs Belt Buckle Set
175 Colt Cutabout Lite Knife 2 Million Manhours
176 Burnett Sales Rule, Birmingham Al.
177 Morton Powder Coatings Money Clip Knife
178 Brickyard 400 Keyholder
179 Pennsylvania State Bowling Association 10 Year Award Keyholder
180 Foster Meyer Salesman Rule
180 Russ Teague Zippo Salesman
182 Stone Pillbox
183 P.M.A. Columbia No. 20 Pillbox
184 P.M.A. Columbia No. 20 Money Clip Knife
185 APWU Health Plan Pillbox
186 Beech Aerospace Services Pillbox
187 Red Zippo Pen
188 Holme Roberts & Owen Greenskeeper
189 "V" Pillbox
190 Hull Electric Money Clip Knife
191 Zippo Salesman Sample Pen w/letter
192 Zippo Keyholder
193 Zippo Moneyclip
194 Zippo Greenskeeper
195 Barrett Smythe Elephant Knife
196 Navy Money Clip Knife
197 Pan Western Pillbox
198 Rock-Tenn Belt Buckle Set
199 Multi-Color Keyholder
200 Sandown Salesman Rule
201 Jaff Bros. Woodworks Rule, 2-Sided
202 Lazor Rule
203 Heinz Pillbox
204 Tigris Temple Potentate H. Joe Snyder Pillbox, 1981
205 Zembo Temple Ushers Pillbox
206 Tully Selling, Martinsville VA
207 Black Matte Pillbox
208 Navy Matte Pillbox
209 Microsoft Salesman Sample Keyholder
210 Concordia Pillbox
211 Crestwood Village 1965-1980, Keyholder
212 Sunkist Keyholder
213 Morgan Worcester Rule
214 Coconuts Keyring Salesman Sample
215 Keebler Knife Salesman Sample
216 Virginia Power Rule Salesman Sample
217 Mr. Bingo Rule
218 Don Shoemaker Advertising Salesman, Keyholder
219 Holly and Berries Ultralite Pillbox
220 Peabody Hotel, Orlando Pillbox
221 Thermo King West Michigan Pillbox