Unless one is paying attention, some of this info takes a little digging to find, but is important for collectors. This is as much for my reference as it is yours.

  • Mid 1955 – Date Codes Implemented
  • Zippo’s were also made in Canada from 1949 to 2002. Dates were not applied to them until 1987
  • Town & Country (hand-painted enamel) lighters were produced from 1949 to 1969
  • Cobra Head Inserts are known to exist between 1956 and 1957
  • Red felt pads are known to exist between 1959 and 1968
  • Solid fuel cells are known to exist between 1968 and 1972
  • Table Lighters were introduced in 1938 and discontinued in 1979
  • Loss-Proof Lighters were introduced in 1947
  • Slim Lighters were introduced in 1956
  • Rules (Tape Measures) were introduced in 1960 and had 4 different blade variations. They have since been discontinued
  • Magnifiers were introduced in 1962 and have since been discontinued
  • Money Clip Knives were introduced in 1964 and have since been discontinued
  • Golf Balls were introduced in 1965 and have since been discontinued
  • Greenskeepers were introduced in 1968 and have since been discontinued
  • Writing Instruments were introduced in 1982
  • ZipLights were introduced in 1996 and have since been discontinued
  • Fixxit and Pipe Master pocket tools were introduced in 1997 and have since been discontinued
  • Multi-Purpose Lighters were introduced in 2002
  • The Spectrum lighter finish was introduced in 2002
  • Armor Lighters were introduced in 2003
  • The High Polish Blue finish was introduced in 2004
  • The Translucent lighter finish was introduced in 2006
  • BLU Lighters were introduced in 2007 and have since been discontinued
  • Hand Warmers were introduced in 2010.
  • The Abyss lighter finish was introduced in 2010
  • 2010 – Zippo® uses a laser to take the paint/powder coat off the bottom stamp and exposed hinge barrel. (This is due to their “clinic” employees having trouble determining the date and authenticity of the lighters that were being sent in for repair, due to the the powder coat/paint being so thick)
  • BLU2 Lighters and Flex Neck Utility lighters were introduced in 2011. The BLU2 has since been discontinued
  • The Chameleon lighter finish was introduced in 2013

96-97_Zippo_Club_Germany_Catalog.pdf – Thanks to “Zippo Charly” for this document.

The enduring appeal of the iconic Zippo® lighter
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