Zippo Lighters

ID #ThumbnailDescription
1Dale Earnhardt
2Brass King Edward The Seventh
3Hooters 20th Anniversary Lighter, numbered 1 of 2500. Owl is gold plated.
4Plain Brushed Chrome, Classic
5Camel 8-Ball Lighter in Ashtray Tin
6 >Antique Silver Camel Lighter in Wood Box
71932 Brushed Chrome Replica with Camel panels
8 >Camel Joe Fisherman
9 >Camel Joe Motorcycle Handlebar
10 >Camel Beast
11 >Antique Silver Camel Beast
12 >Camel Cream Pack Graphic
13 >Camel Joe Wind
14 >Camel Joe Pool Player
15 >Camel Joe Moon & Motorcycle
16Orange Camel (#1)
17Orange Camel (#2)
18Midnight Brushed Joe Camel on Handlebars
19Midnight Brushed Camel Beast
20White Camel Beast Round
21Brushed Brass Joe Camel Round
22Brushed Brass Joe Camel
23Brushed Brass Camel Beast
24Purple Matte Camel Beast
25 >Camel, Smokin Joe's Racing High Polish Chrome
26Midnight Chrome Brushed Camel Cigarettes, with Lady Barbara Camel Table Lighter...
27 >David & Tammy Wedding Pic Lighter
28 >The Games of the III Olympiad in St. Louis in 1904
29 >The III Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid in 1932
30 >The Games of the X Olympiad in Los Angeles in 1932
31 >The Games of the XXVI Olympiad in Atlanta in 1996
32 >The VIII Olympic Winter Games in Squaw Valley in 1960
33 >The XIII Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid in 1980
34 >The Games of the XXIII Olympiad in Los Angeles in 1984
351937 The fifth Anniversary of the Zippo Windproof Lighter
361942 The U.S.A was at was and the Zippo Lighter joined G.I.Joe as a constant...
371957 The Silver Anniversary of the Windproof Lighter Found the Zippo name well...
381972 The foreign market , especially Japan , was opening up to Zippo products.
391982 During the year of Golden Anniversary, Fifty Years and glowing stronger...
401992 On the Sixtieth Anniversary of the introduction of the Zippo Windproof...
41Our Century lighter and Keychain
42 >1993 Collectible of the Year, Windy, the 1935 Varga Girl
43US Army
44US Navy
45Wings of War
46US Marine Corps
47US Coast Guard
48US Military Nurses Corps
49George Washington
50Dwight D. Eisenhower
51Ronald Reagan
52John F. Kennedy
53Franklin D. Roosevelt
54Abraham Lincoln
55 >1954 Corvette
56 >1955 Cadillac
57 >1956 Thunderbird
58 >1957 Bel Air
59 >1964 GTO
60 >1965 Corvette Stingray
61 >1965 Mustang
62 >1967 Camaro
631998 Collectible of the Year
641992 Collectible of the Year, 60th Anniversary Commemorative
65 >60th Anniversary Commemorative
66Garrett Mirror Support Company, High Point NC
67Carolina Veneer, Inc., Thomasville NC Manufacturers of Single Ply Veneer
68NFL New England Patriots Brushed Chrome, Classic
69America, Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms with Eagle, High Polish Chrome,...
70"Lucky Ace", Ace of Spades, High Polish Chrome, Classic
71Brushed Chrome engraved Kenny Sloneker 6/3/78
72Grumman Town & Country
73Grumman Town & Country
74 >1943 - 1945 Black Crackle, Steel
75 >52 or 53 Red Reptile Leather Wrapped
76 >50 - 57 Red Calfskin Leather Covered
77 >50 - 57 Blue Calfskin Leather Covered
78 >Polaris (missile) Seapower for Peace, Sperry Marine Division
79Operation Southern Watch, Kuwait, Slim lighter
80Elsie the Cow Borden Dairy Town & Country, Slim
81 >Lady Bradford Table Lighter
82Iron Stone
83NASCAR, Talladega, Daytona, Darlington, The Glen.
841997 Collectible of the Year, 65th Anniversary
85Harley Skull and Skeleton
86Harley Wings, 100th Anniversary, 1902-2003
87Spectrum Masonic, Square & Compass
89 >Cambridge Diner Red
90 >Cambridge Diner Black
91Winston Select, HP Chrome
92Winston Cup Series, 25th Anniversary
93Winston Eagle, HP Brass
94Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
95Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
96Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
97Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
98Marlboro Star, Brushed Brass
99Slim Marlboro Star, Brushed Brass
100Marlboro Man
101Marlboro Red Roof
102Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
103Marlboro Man, Brushed Brass
104 >1932 Replica Brushed Chrome
1051932 Replica Brushed Chrome
106 >Gold Plated Barcroft #4 Plain
107Brushed Chrome Barcroft #4 Plain
108 >Brushed Chrome Barcroft #4 Intial C, Joseph L. Fimbel on back
109Brushed Chrome Barcroft #4 IMC Magnetics Corp 10 Years Loyal Service
110Brushed Chrome Barcroft #4 United States Steel, Cyclone Fence
111 >Brushed Brass with Ornate Lighter Cover
112Freightliner Trucks, American Truck Series
113Mack Emblem, Brushed Chrome
114Tractor Trailer Scene, Brushed Chrome
118Masonic Hidden Symbol, Antique Chrome
119Trucker Knight Rebel
120Trucker Road Winder
121Trucker Black Classic
122Trucker American Spirit
123Trucker Call of the Wild
124Trucker Freedom Road
125Trucker Black Classic 2
126Trucker Born Bad
127 >Civil War Series, Prison Guard Confederate Army
128 >Civil War Series, Cherokee Rifleman Confederate Army
129 >Civil War Series, Infantryman Confederate Army
130 >Civil War Series, Calvary Trooper Confederate Army
131 >Civil War Series, Calvalry Trooper Union Army
132 >Civil War Series, Militiaman Union Army
133 >Civil War Series, Petty Officer Union Army
134 >Civil War Series, Infantryman Union Army
135Classic Iron, Panhead Motorcycle
136Classic Iron, Panhead Motor
137Classic Iron, Panhead Hardtail
138Classic Iron
139Classic Iron, Skull
140Classic Iron, Blockhead
141Classic Iron, Blockhead Motor
142Classic Iron, Knucklehead
143American Flag, America
144Old Glory Black
145American Flag, Applique
146American Flag, US
147American Flag, Applique Made in USA
148American Eagle USA
149USA on Map/Flag
150Stars & Stripes
151Game Series - Bass
152Game Series - Bear
153Game Series - Deer
154Game Series - Pheasant
155Game Series - Trout
156Game Series - Flying Turkey
157Game Series - Strutting Turkey
158Game Series - Running Deer
159Wild West, Chief Sitting Bull
160Wild West, Conestoga Wagon
161Wild West, Wyatt Earp, Famous Sheriff
162Wild West, Pony Express
163Wild West, Trail Boss
164Wild West, Western Attire
165Zippo Natural Sound, The Power of Wind, Zippo is Always a Fire of Gentle, a...
166Zippo United States of America, Solid Brass
167Zippo American Classic Made in the USA
168Zippo Pennsylvania 1932
169Zippo Since 1932, Solid Brass
170Zippo Wind Proof Lighter, Solid Brass
171Zippo Best Selection USA
172Zippo 50 Years and Glowing Stronger, Solid Brass
173Zippo X4
174Zippo Vintage Series 1937
175Zippo Vintage Series 1937
176Zippo Vintage Series 1937
177 >2001 Collectible of the Year, Hollywood's Leading Light
178Harley Davidson Fat Boy, Gift Set with brown Leather Pouch
179 >M & T
18014K Gold Plated Floral
181Sculpture, Black Saddle
182Sculpture, Black Fish
183Sculpture, Race Car
184The Manhattan Savings Bank "VIP", NY Slim Lighter
185Call 911 Emergency
186Computer Tech
187Suffolk County NY, Detective Badge 848
188Harley Davidson, the Reunion 90 Years, 1903-1993
189 >Corinthian Table Lighter, Pearlescent
190 >Lady Barbara Table
191Plain Brushed Brass
192Jack Daniel’s ® Label Pewter Emblem
193 >Brushed Chrome with factory Signature, Tame D. Jones
194 >Dad
195 >Zippo Canada, Collectors Edition, Final Production 06193/25000
196Zodiac, Aries
197 >1996 Collectible of the Year, Pinup
198 >2013 Collectible of the Year, Windy
199Midnight Brushed Joe Camel on Handlebars
200Slim, Ultralite Ivory
201National Homes, 250,000th, Sept 24 1963, Slim
202Game Series - Deer
204Black Matte with Zippo
205Good Year, Danville (VA) Plant, Slim
206Plain Chrome Slim
207Troy Plastics Inc., TPI, Slim
208General Electric, GE, Industry Control Department, Slim
209Monsanto, Slim
210Huber Warco, Story Brothers Inc., Chattanooga TN, Slim
211 >U.S.S La Moure County LST-1194, two-sided, Slim
212Bright Cut, Slim
213Luray Caverns, Discovered 1878
215Romeo Y Julieta Dominican (Cigars)
2161957 Corvette
217Duke Blue Devils, Slim
218Game Series - Mallard
219Flying Eagle
220Game Series - Raccoon
221Running Deer
222Easy Riders
223USA in Oval
224USA in Oval
225US Flag
226USA The Greatest
227Brass Masonic Symbols
228 >U.S.S America, CV 66 (Front) United States of America (Back)
229 >Surprise 8 Ball
230Niagara Falls Rainbow
231Slim Ultralite Black
232Engine Turned
233Vintage Aircraft, Ju87 Stuka
234Budweiser Clydesdales
235 >"DAVE 263" (Front), "TVFD CO. 25" (Back)
236Brass Commemorative
237Engine Turned with Eyes Sticker
238Miller High Life
239Toledo (Spain)
240Life Insurance Company of Georgia
242Alaskan Cruise
243Call of the Wild
245Jorgen Nash Art, Galerie Kund Grothe Charlottenlund
246Viella Compania E.E.
247Born to Ride
248Chrome Motorcycle
249Natural Bridge of Virginia
250Natural Bridge Scene
251Vintage Iron 53 Panhead
252Skull with Helmet
254One Hot Piece of American Steel
255Skull Live to Ride, Ride to Live
256American V-Twin Blockhead
257Antique Fire Engine
258Fire Truck
259Fire Helmet Applique
261Maltese Cross VFD Applique
262Police Badge
263Fire Hydrant Applique
264Police Car
265Dalmatian in Fire Helmet Applique
266Police Badge
267Transit Police NYC Applique
268NYPD Badge 6468
269Police Department New York
270Police Officer, Los Angeles Police
271Suffolk County Police PBA
272Slim Zodiac Series, Sagittarius
273Slim Zodiac Series, Aquarius
274Slim Zodiac Series, Leo
275Slim Zodiac Series, Scorpio
276Slim Zodiac Series, Cancer
277Slim Zodiac Series, Capricorn
278 >Elks Applique
279Knights of Columbus Applique
280Shriners Applique
281Masonic Applique
282Hot Air Balloon Applique
283Slim Elvis
285Ace of Spades Applique
286Harley Davidson
287Jack Daniel's Old No. 7
288The Wall, Vietnam Remembered 1982-2002
289Barrett-Smythe Bald Eagle
290Sailor Jerry
291 >RGC, Joseph L. Fimbel (Companion to Barcroft)
292Fire Truck with Maltese Cross and Star of Life
293Paul Walsh Men on Stairs - Firefighting
294Paul Walsh Flag and Helmet - Firefighting
296Maltese Cross Applique, Lakeview FD - Fred Lapp
297Hard Rock Cafe, Gatlinburg TN
298Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach SC
299Hard Rock Cafe, San Francisco CA
300Hard Rock Cafe, Cozumel Mexico
301Savio - American Savio Corporation
302Bob Jones Chevrolet, Denham Springs (LA)
303Formica Brand Products
304General Electric, Industry Control Department
305 >Geo. H Cole Supply Co.
306 >C Schneider
307 >RCA, His Masters Voice
309 >Crossed International Date Line 1953
310Hartford Dispatch and Warehouse Co. Inc.
311 >New York State Electric and Gas, Oneonta District Safe Driving Awards Dated...
312Slim High Polished Chrome Diagonal DOT
313Engine Turned
314ARKLA-SERVEL Gas Air Conditioning for Home and Business
315 >The Campfire Club of America 1909-1968 60th June Outing
316USS Drum, SSN 677, Unbeatable
317Plain High Polish Chrome
318Regular Black Matte with Initial Panel - Monica
319Vintage Aircraft, B-24 Liberator
320Marlboro Compass
321 >Collector License Plate Applique
322World War II Remembered
323United States Marine Corps
324I Love NY
325Bulldog Emblem
326Dog Emblem
327Brushed Chrome with Initials LJ, 70 on back
328Sinclair Dinosaur
329Plain Engine Turned
330Brushed Chrome with Initials R.G.O. 10-15-1967
331Horizontal Bark
332 >Grove Hydraulic Cranes (Front), Grove Manufacturing, Shady Grove PA (Back)
333Initial "P" on brass block
334Engine turned with Initials TPM
335Plain HP Chrome
336Plain Brushed Chrome
337Plain Brushed Chrome
338Plain Brushed Chrome
339Woodgrain with Initial Panel (1)
340Woodgrain with Initial Panel (2)
341Woodgrain without Initial Panel
342Slim Woodgrain with Initial Panel
343Denim with Initial Panel and Bee
344Long Island Trust - 60 Years of Progress 1923-1983
345Slim Venetian with "Adam"
346Yale (forklifts) Sales, Service, Rentals (1)
347Yale (forklifts) Sales, Service, Rentals (2)
348 >Creole
349Slim Brass Vertical Bark
350Slim HP Criscross Initials TWB
351 >Slim HP with Anchor and hVc, Ken on Lid and Bob Anderson Signature on back
352Occidental Petroleum Corporation
353Morgan Equipment Co. San Francisco Calif. Sacramento
354NFL Eagles
355Slim Citgo
356Coca Cola
357Northridge Lubricants, Inc.
358Ox Line Paints, Lehman Bros. Corp.
359Pilot Life
360Merle S. Tenenbaum & Co. Diesel Engine Parts, Skokie Illinois
361The Seamen's Bank for Savings
362Chase Manhattan, World Wide Banking
363General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division, "ANN"
364General Dynamics, Fort Worth Division, "ARMAND"
365Nikon, We take the world's greatest pictures
366Eutectic Castolin, First in Maintenance Welding Technology
367 >Crossed Arrows with F
368 >American Steel & Wire Company, Unites States Steel, USS
369Rupaco Paper Corp. Brooklyn NY
370Bouchard Transportation Company
371Chase (Bank)
372Highland National Bank of Newburgh (NY)
373The National State Bank, Elizabeth NJ
375Torch (Shoes)
376 >Jacobs Garage, Falls Village Conn.
378The Mahoning Paint Corporation
379Simplex Time Systems
380Precise Optics, Bayshore NY
381Smoky Mountain Knife Works
382Smoky Mountain Knife Works Slim
383Busch Gardens
384Regular Ultralite Black, Dave
385Turquois Faced Slim
386Eagle (U.S.A.), Ship
387Okinawa Map
388Great Seal of the Territory of Guam, USA
389Mount Rushmore National Memorial
390Bald Eagle
391United States of America, Seal
392United States of America, Medallion
393Washington D.C. (Lincoln Memorial)
394Washington D.C. (Washington Monument)
395Washington D.C. (The White House)
396Bush Gorbachev
397Hammer and Sickle
398Bristow Helicopters, Nigeria
399Star of David Flag
400Land Shark, Shark with Surfboard
401Boar with Arrow
405Confederate Flag
406Confederate Flag Applique
407Jeep Applique
408Ford Applique
409Genuine Ford Parts Applique
410Ford Sales Service Applique
411Ford Applique (Oval)
412Chevrolet Applique
413GMC Applique
414Mack Applique
415Pepsi Applique
416Long Island Railroad Applique
417Union Pacific Railroad Applique
419Fisherman (Old Style)
424I'm Crazy About the Big Apple
425Statue of Liberty, New York USA
426Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 1986
427Statue of Liberty, New York NY USA
428New York Skyline (Chrome)
429New York Skyline (Brass)
430Brooklyn Bridge
431New York State
432Slim High Polish with Zippo Emblem
433Brushed Chrome with Zippo Emblem
434High Polished Brass with Zippo Emblem
435Midnight Chrome High Polish with Zippo Emblem
436Regular Gold Electroplate Classic
437Regular Gold Electroplate Swirl
438Gold Electroplate Shimmer
439Regular Brushed Chrome
440Regular High Polish Chrome
441Regular Blue Matte with Zippo Logo
442Regular Black Matte with Zippo Logo
443Regular Burgundy Matte with Zippo Logo
444Midnight Chrome with Zippo Border
445Midnight Chrome Regular Venetian
446Regular Venetian
447Brush Finish Pipe Lighter
448Black Matte Pipe Lighter
449Regular Pipe Lighter Black Matte with Zippo Logo and Border
450Regular Scrimshaw, Ship Chrome
451Slim Scrimshaw, Whale
452Slim Scrimshaw, Whale, Brass
453Slim Scrimshaw, Whale, Black Matte
454Slim Burgundy Matte with Zippo Logo
455Slim Black Matte with Zippo Logo
456Slim Chrome Crisscross
457Slim High Polish Chrome Bright Cut
458Slim High Polish Chrome Diagonal
459Slim High Polish Chrome Ribbon
460Slim Venetian Brass
461Slim Gold Electroplate with Oval
462Slim Gold Electroplate Classic
463Slim High Polish Brass
464Slim Black Elegance
465Slim Ultralite Ivory
466USCG Applique Gray Matte
467Marinekompaniet 1991
468US Army, 4th Infantry Division Applique
469WWII Blood Chit Emblem
470Taiwan & US Emblem
471US Marines, Mess with the best, die like the rest.
472United States Marine Corps Applique
473Sack Time (Air Force Nose Art)
474United States Air Force Applique
475Air Force, Blue Matte
476Tactical Air Command Applique
477Tactical Air Command, Pope AFB NC
478United States Army Applique
479US Army Signal Corps, Fort Gordon Ga.
480US Army, 1st Cavalry Division
481173rd Airborne Brigade Applique
482101'st Airborne Applique
48382'nd Airborne Applique
484Special Forces Group Airborne, Dave
485Airborne Screaming Eagles
486Army Air Corps Applique
487United States Navy Applique
488USS Compass Island EAG-153
489USS Missouri BB 63
490USS Independence CV 62
491USS Mitscher DL 2, Town & Country
492Fighting 143 Pukin Dogs
493Lifting Eagles FLELOGSUPPRON 24
494US Navy Top Gun
495US Navy Top Gun F-14 Tomcat
496Tomcat Applique
497Tomact Anytime Baby Applique
498 >Grumman C-2A / COD (Greyhound)
499Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Applique
500Plain Camouflage
501Desert Camouflage
502Desert Shield
503Operation Desert Shield Applique
504Desert Shield
505Operation Desert Storm
506Operation Desert Storm Arabian Scimitar (Factory Made)
507Remember Pearl Harbor
508Vietnam Applique
509Vietnam Veteran Applique
510Vietnam Skull Swords
511Vietnam Skull Biting Bayonett
512Vietnam Sword Crossed Arrows
513Vietnam Sword in Wing
514Proudly Served Vietnam Ribbon and Flag Applique
515Vietnam Service Medal
516Vietnam Campaign Medal
518MIA POW Applique
519POW Free Them Now Applique
520Plain Brushed Chrome
521Satin Chrome
522 >Chrome Handilite
523Americana Distressed Flag, Tattered Flag
524Midnight Chrome Brushed Camel Cigarettes, with Lady Barbara Camel Table Lighter...
525Regular Ultralite Black, David
526The Bowery, 70th Anniversary
527Slim Zodiac Series, Libra
528Regular Black Matte
529Moderne Table Lighter, Brushed Rhodium
530Jimmy Spencer, Lights em Up, #12 Zippo Car
531Mountain State Equipment Company, Beckley, W. VA
532Belleview Mido Resort Hotel
533U.S.S. Okinawa LPH-3
534Carolina Panthers
535Magic Dog Food, Paoli, Ind.
536Windy, Yellow Dress, No. 0281
537Doral 25th Anniversary
538 >Joe Camel Pool Player in Tin
539 >ZEN 2014 Contributor Lighter
540Venetian Handilite
541Thunderbird with Stone
542Bradford (PA) Owls Class of 69
543Bethlehem Steel
544Slim Reddy Kilowatt
545Plain Chrome
546Brushed Chrome
547Brushed Chrome
548Street Gold
549Barrett-Smythe Hidden Surprise Black Jack
550Indigo Ivy Emblem with Swarovski Crystal
551United States of America Eagle Zippo
552Brushed Chrome Pipe Lighter
554Budweiser Bottle Cap
555Hard Rock, Bahrain
556DHL, 1941 Replica
557Ken Myers Construction Co., Inc. Green Springs, Ohio
559Bull Durham
560Regular Gold Electroplate Classic
561Plain HP Chrome (Clinic replacement)
562 >Founders Edition
563Barcroft Model 2
564International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of...
565Camel Midnight Sun
566Blue Horseshoe Tattoo, VA
567Its a Grand Old Lighter, 2nd release
568 >Destination Series, No. 1
569 >Destination Series, No. 2
570 >Destination Series, No. 3
571 >Destination Series, No. 4
572Love Heart Emblem
573NFL New England Patriots Shield
574NFL New England Patriots
575NFL New England Patriots
576Zippo 2014 Christmas
577PPG Industries Ultralite Handilite
578Brushed Chrome
579Brushed Chrome
580NFL New England Patriots
581Satin Chrome
582Mazzi - Winter
583I'd rather be... (Outdoor Escape)
585Lights Beautifully even in a gale! (Skater Girl 2)
586NFL New England Patriots
587Morgan Worcester
588Barcroft #3 Construction2
589Barcroft #3 Basse 1/26 58.08
590Red Dog Beer
591Ford Rivited Blue Oval
593 >65th Anniversary Lady Barbara
594Black Moderne
595Patriots Helmet
596 >Facebook Exclusive #4 051 of 300
597Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Champions
598Patriots Emblem Brushed Chrome
599Starburst Blue
600 >2015 Collectible of the Year, Full Circle 09534/120000
601Keep Your Hands off My Flame
602New England Patriots Footballs
603Retro Patriots
604Harley Carbon Fiber
605 >Gil Elvgren's Fire Belle Pinup 39/50
606Marlboro Man
607Marine Emblem
608Plain Chrome
609BR in a Circle
610Plain BLU
611Images of America Zippo with Matching Book
612 >Hard Rock Cafe, Myrtle Beach SC
615Standard Trucking Company, Charlotte NC
616Owens-Illinois, Lufkin Texas
617HC-6 Chargers, Combat Support
618 >U.S.S Milwaukee AOR-2
619U.S. Naval Station Rota-Spain
620Beechcraft Super King Air 200
621Slim High Polish Chrome Ribbon
622Brushed Chrome, "Bill"
623 >Rochester Button Company
627U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CVA-67
628ZEN 2015 Contributor Lighter
629Realtree Patriots
630Boston Red Sox
631The Great American Lighter
632ZEN 2015 Holiday Lighter
633BLU2 Ace of Spades
634 >U.S.S. Worden CG-18, 2 sided
635General Coal Company
636Roseart Serenity Prayer Table Lighter, Forest Treasure Natural
6372015 Christmas "May your days be merry and bright"
638 >Facebook Exclusive #5 (2015), 018/150
639 >Facebook Exclusive #6 (2016), 012/150
640Contempo Standard Bright Chrome Model 701
641Contempo Standard Louver Chrome Model 703
642Outdoor Utility Lighter
643MPL Silver Satin
644 >Patriots MPL
645New York Mets
646Barbour Street Anniversary (60th)
647Eagle and Flag
648Case Merry Christmas 2015
649Case 2015 Deer Santa
650Patriots Throwback
651 >New England Patriots AFL 50th Anniversary Zippo #21 of 250
652 >Super Bowl 50, Limited Ed. 1101/1750
653Patriots Enamel Helmet
654Chrome w/ DJM on front
655 >2016 Collectible of the Year, Armor Facet 09585/13000
656 >Popular Plastic Plastics Corp., Northport L.I.
657Super Bowl 50, Limited Ed. 1483/1750
658 >ZEN Lighter Club 7 Year Anniversary, 31 of 75
659Patriots Laces
660 >ZEN 2013 Member Lighter, 56 of 150
661Z Tread Flame
662Harley Davidson, Ride Forever
663USS Yorktown CG 48
664Marlboro Storming Scroll
665Zippo Outdoors Deer
666Midnight Chrome Slim
667Chrome Diagonal Slim
668Jade Ultralite Slim
669 >US Atlantic Fleet Mine Force
670 >Slim High Polish Chrome Ribbon with Cobra Head Insert
671Contempo Trim Bright Chrome Model 1401
672Zippo Flint Dispenser
673 >2004 Zippo Employee Christmas Lighter
674Norman Rockwell Collection - Flying Uncle Sam
675Norman Rockwell Collection - Tattoo Artist
676Norman Rockwell Collection - Bottom of the 6
677Norman Rockwell Collection - Self Portrait
678Regular Orange Matte, Blister Pack
679 >Bottomz Up Logo
680Game Series - English Pointer
681 >Henry E. Boehm, Vietnam Era, 4 panel with cartoons.
682Zippo 3D Abstract
683Leather Stitching with Z Flame
684Leather Flame Riveted Gold Dust
685MPL Silver Satin
6862001 Brass ZipLight
687 >2005 Barbour Street Zippo Employee Lighter & Poster Gift Set
688Slim Zodiac Series, Aries
689Morgan Lumber Co., Jackson Tennesee
690Patriots Pewter Emblem
691Univ, Pittsburgh Bradford Mini MPL
692Amy Diamond Design
693U.S. Army, Mess with the Best...
694Case 2016 Collectors Reunion
695 >Case 2016 Collectors Reunion, Limited Edition 019/100
696 >ZEN 2016 ZenFest, 7th Annual
697 >65th Anniversary of Zippo Canada
698 >Carnegie Library / Beefeaters 2015, 062/150
699 >Facebook Exclusive #2 (2013), 097/250
702Horizontal Bark
704I'd Rather Be Hunting in Blister Pack
705 >Facebook Exclusive #3 (2014), 063/150
706 >ZEN 2011 Member Lighter, 131 of 150
707 >ZEN 2012 Member Lighter, 164 of 200
708ZEN 2012 ZenFest Lighter (Lossproof)
709Patriots Helmet
710Crown Stamp An American Classic
711Proud to be Zippo, by Mazzi
712 >Japanese Flint Dispenser Lighter
713Miller High Life
714Winston 40th Anniversary, 1954-1994
717Brushed Chrome
718Cherner Motor Co. Washington/Arlington
719 >ZIPPO... in touch with the earth
720 >Blue Windy from Japan, No.914 A collectors item that will never lose its...
721 >Buddy's Promotional Advertising Table Lighter
722 >The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
723 >Riley's 66 Make it better with Bacon 24/30
724Riley's 66 Fresh Hot Coffee 24/30
725Windy Fan Test
726Windy Deluxe Gift Box
727ZEN 2017 Contributor Lighter
728 >Wayne Service Station Equipment Gas Pump
729Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Champions
730 >Riley's 66 Soldier, 1 of 31. GI Approved
731David M The full range litho blanket
732Good Luck Hugh Morgan Aug 23, 1956
733Gold Floral Flush Emblem
734Jasmine Becket-Griffith lighter
735Jack Daniel’s ® Label Pewter Emblem
736Harley-Davidson® Winged B&S with Flames
737 >Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary
738New England Patriots
739New England Patriots
740Lynyrd Skynyrd
741Morgan & Brother Manhattan Storage
742New England Patriots Super Bowl 51
743 >GLLC 2017 Member Lighter
744GLLC 2016 Christmas Lighter
745 >Flame Art Soaring Swallow, 092/850
746Riley's 66 Rocket, 1 of 31
747Riley's 66 Burgers Shakes Fries, 1 of 31
748Pennsylvania Lottery
749 >Moore NF
750 >GLLC Bradford Swap Meet 2014, lighter 1
751 >GLLC Bradford Swap Meet 2014, lighter 2
752 >GLLC Bradford Swap Meet 2015
753 >GLLC Lightouse No. 1
754GLLC 2015 Christmas Lighter
755Barrett-Smythe Aries
756Lady Ace
757Riley's 66 Vintage Gas Pump, 1 of 31
758 >Riley's 66, 1 of 28
759 >Zippo Firehouse
760 >2017 Collectible of the Year, 85th Anniversary 04310/17000
761Zippo Flint and Fuel
762Zippo Zip-a-Flint
763Zippo Fuel Drop
764Zippo Riders Motorcycle Club, Planeta #34
765 >2002 Collectible of the Year, 70th Anniversary, Friends For A Lifetime.
766New England Patriots 5 Times Super Bowl Champions
767Aries Slim
768 >Zippo Club Austria Everyday Lighter Gift Set
769 >Facebook Exclusive #7 (2017), 024/400
770Zippo Windproof 85th Anniversary Lighter Standard Edition
771Eubank Asphalt Paving, Charlotte TN
772 >USS Vreeland 2-Sided Ultralite
773New England Patriots NFL Slim
774Larry Beck Advertising - Zippo Dealer
775 >Millennium Series: The one thing not controlled by computers..
776 >Wal-Mart Grand Opening Foster Brook Bradford Zippo Lighter, #488/500
777Millennium Series: Get over it!
778 >Seaboard Surety Company / Tom Cooney
779ZEN 2017 ZenFest, White
780Zippo, The Eternal Flame Since 1932
781ZEN 2017 ZenFest, Cerulean
782 >Kasey Kahne 9 Signature 017/250
783Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 4855/5000
784The Face of Liberty
785Camel Joe Piano Player
787Goodyear Training Division
788Flex Neck Utility Lighter
789 >Howard Johnson's Restaurants Motor Lodges, 2 sided
790 >ZEN 2017 ZenFest Attendees, Black
791GLLC Bradford Swap Meet 2017, 85th Anniversary
792Zippo Fest 115/1000
793Riley's 66 Roseart Table Lighter - Maple Base
794 >Patriots Prototype
795Riley's 66 Roseart Table Lighter - Dark Base
796Riley's Drive-In
797Riley's EDC
798Steven Spazuk Skull 29644
799Steven Spazuk Grenade 29645
800Steven Spazuk Gas Mask 29646
801Riley's 66 Roseart Table Lighter - Forest Treasures Green w/ Brass
802 >Roseart’s 60th Anniversary,Widowmakers Lighters, Riley’s 66 and GLLC
803The Little Persuader
804Pixel Picture Smiling Boy