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Recollector – Collection Management Software – This is what provides some back end code and images for this site and catalogs my collection. If you use Recollector and WordPress and need help creating a site like mine, please ask.

My Recollector template

Zippo Website

Zippo Lighter Care

Pinup Lighters

NavZip, an unbelievable collection of Military Zippo’s

Andyzips site – Great site chock full of cool stuff and information

ZippoDude – This is his collection of Patriots Zippos

Zippo Collect Dating

Free Spirit Zippo Website – Wonderful one-of-a-kind Zippo art and a great collection

Glen’s Zippos – Over 1000 lighters in his collection. Great info and more info on design changes

ZEN Lighter Club – “A global community club of Zippo collectors”

Lighter Restoration – Beautifully done Zippo restorations!

ZippoLove Ebay Collections – Items I have found on ebay that I like or would like to have potentially.

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