Zippo Misc

ID #ThumbnailDescription
1 >Black Plastic Zippo Ashtray, 1990's
21980's Flint Card Display
3 >Postcard, Lifetime Sweetheart
4 >Postcard, Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zippo
51950's Christmas Ad
61953 Kisses Ad
71958 Incredible Story Ad
8Magnetic Lighter Display Stand, 142226, #1
9Magnetic Lighter Display Stand, 142226, #2
10 >Jimmy Spencer Diecast Car, 1:24
11 >Zippo Die Cast Car, SpecCast
121990's Profit Panel #1
131991 Sales Display #1
141991 Sales Display 5 Civil War
15 >1932 Replica RP-1932 display unit with mounted Zippo & booklets.
16 >Zippo Earth Pamphlet
17Flame Light Box, 142634
18 >Service Kit #1
19Wine Drip Ring
20Hotwheels FatBoy
21Trifold Foreign Advertizing
22 >Flashlight by Leeds
23Warman's Zippo Lighters Field Guide
24Zippo Collection Manual 2nd Ed., 1993
25Zippo The Great American Lighter
26Zippo, an American Legend
27Windy Tin Sign
28Anatomy of a Zippo Poster
29 >Z-Clip, 121506
30 >Black Lighter Pouch, LPCBK
31Brown Lighter Pouch, LPLB
32Harley Lighter Pouch (Came in HD Gift Set)
33Harley Lighter Pouch
34Zippo Ligher and Knife Pouch
35 >Zippo Display Case, ZM-48
36Zippo Display Case
37Zippo Display Case
38 >1991 Zippo ZM Display Case
39 >1991 Zippo ZM Display Case
40 >1991 Zippo ZM Display Case
41Zippo 142718 96 Piece Display Case
42 >Zippo Globe Display Case
43Zippo ZSD2-25 15 Piece Display Case
441996 COTY Display Case
45Zippo Acrylic Wedge Display Case
46 >Zippo ZSD30, 20 Piece Display Case
471998 Zippo Display Case #1
481998 Zippo Display Case #2
49Zippo Antique Display Case
502005 Zippo Display Case, 142129
511992 Zippo Collectors Guide
521993 Zippo Collectors Guide
531997 Zippo Collectors Guide
542001 Zippo Collectors Guide
551990 Zippo Collectors Guide
561989 Brochure
571991 Catalog
581991 Catalog Small
591991 Price Guide
601998 Catalog
611998 Price Guide
621999 Catalog
632002 Zippo Cent Never Spent
64Zippo Round Lanyard
65Zippo Flat Lanyard
66 >Lighter Magnet
67MPL Individual Display
68Zippo Click Issue Winter 2003
69Zippo Click Issue Spring 2003
70Zippo Click Issue Vol 4 2003
71Zippo Ball Cap
72Red acryllic flame display stand #1
73Ralph Poole, Advertising Zip-a-flint #1
74Black Display Box, 174720-Z
75142626 Acrylic Display Stand, 2010 #1
76ZipLight Blister Pack #1
771992 Motorcycle Sales Display
78 >Zippo Lighter Bobble Pin
79Zippo BLU Pin w/spring flame
80Gold Zippo Lapel Pin
8165th Anniversary Tie Tac (J65-6)
821980 Zippo Cent Never Spent
83Zippo Fuel Canister, 121503
84Handwarmer with Patriots Pouch
85Zippo Collection Manual 1, 1993
861960 Cent Never Spent
871987 Zippo Collectors Guide
88Todd's Flowers, Advertising Zip-a-flint
89Black Label Beer, Advertising Zip-a-flint
90Grow, Advertising Zip-a-flint
91142626 Acrylic Display Stand, 2010 #3
92142625 BLU Acrylic Display Stand, 2010
93Zippo Round Lanyard
94 >Neon Light, 142586
95 >142223 Light-Up Box
968 Piece Display, 2000
9715 Piece Display, 2011
985 PK Display Flames, PDF-09
99American Savings, Advertising Zip-a-flint
100Zippo Pocket Protector
101Zippo 12 Inch Metal Flat Ruler
102Zippo Black Collectors Case 142653
103 >Camel Store Display
104ZM60 Display Case
105ZipLight Insert
106Zippo Click Issue Summer 2003
107Plastic Shopping Bag
1082014 Consumer Guide
109 >Zippo SDX Goodyear Aerospace Golf Ball
1101991 6 Flint Card #1
1111991 6 Flint Card #2
1122001 Flint Card
113Flint Cards (2)
11490's Wick
1152015 Clinic Flints
116Zippo Great American Lighter #2
117Zippo, an American Legend #2
118ZipLight Blister Pack #2
11990's Wick Card
1201991 12 Flint Card
121122225 Zippo Flask
122 >Zippo Memories Display Tin
123 >2003 Images of America Book (with lighter), IOA-2
124Outdoor Handwarmer in clamshell
125 >1990's 12oz Fluid Can, Black
126 >1990's 12oz Fluid Can, Blue
1271990's 4.5oz Fluid Can, Black
12894-96 4.5oz Fluid Can, Blue
1292013 Premium Fluid Can
130Stainless Steel Zippo Ashtray
131Emergency Firestarter
132 >75th Anniversary Business Card Holder/Mints
13375th Anniversary Magnet
134December 1940 Esquire Magazine Ad
135 >Zippo Deck Set, Zem Zem Shrine
136Zippo Windproof Lighters Licence Plate
137AC Spark Plugs, Advertising Zip-a-flint
138Zippo Licence Plate
13915 Piece Display, 2011
140Dogpatch USA, Advertising Zip-a-flint
141 >Postcard, Wind Proof
142GE HMED, Advertising Zip-a-flint
143 >Flame On My Zippo Zip-a-flint
144Vintage Zip-a-flint dispenser
1452003 Zippo Collectors Guide
1462011, 30 Piece Rotating Display
1471994 4oz Fluid Can, Purple
148Tall 2.5 oz Butane Canister
149Short 1.41 oz Butane Canister
150Pocket Ashtray
151Zippo MotorSports License Plate
152Zippo Tin Sign
1532006 Executive Diary
154Zippo Flint Card 2406C
155 >LCD Travel Clock
156 >MPL & BBQ Tong Gift Set
157ZM60 Display Case
158Light and motion floor stand
159 >Outdoor Life Oil Tank, Japanese
160 >4.5 oz Butane Canister
161 >SDX Golf Ball 3-Pack, Riley-Beaird, Inc.
162Gold Tone Key Ring
163 >Brown Lighter Pouch, LPTBK
164Late 70's Flint Card
165 >Zip-Slip, Zira Labratories
1661994 Zippo Collectors Guide
167Zippo 6 Inch Metal Flat Ruler
168Weatherford Promotional Leather & Metal Money Clip Wallet
16980th Anniversary Tin Sign
170 >Zirenn, Zira Labratories
1711996 Zippo Cent Never Spent
1721990 Zippo Cent Never Spent
1732003 Zippo Cent Never Spent
174Marsh Plating, Advertising Zip-a-flint, Large
175Zippo/Case Museum Glass Ornament
176Zippo/Case Museum Logo Shot Glass
177Handwarmer Fuel Can, 4oz.
1788 Post Cards
1792016 Plastic Shopping Bag
1802016 Paper Shopping Bag
181 >Autographed Mark Paup CEO, Trading Card
182Gold Tone Promotional Money Clip
183Repair Box Fuel Tube
18470's Penny Keychain
185Zippo Car Pin
186 >Pocket Watch, Golf
187 >Zippo Cigar Casebook
188ZEN Playing Cards
189Glass Zippo Club Ahstray
190 >Black Plastic 70th Anniversary Ashtray, 2002
191My Zippo Christmas 2016 Zip-a-flint
192And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters (Volume 1)
193And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters (Volume 2)
194 >HO Scale Animated Neon Sign
195 >Dashboard Holder
196Jerry Prest Zip-a-flint
1972017 Complete Line Catalog
19840's Fuel Dispenser Tin Sign
199Zippo Out-a-matic ashtray with "Z" initial
200Kendall Motor Oils Zip-a-flint
201Clear Zippo Lighter Easels
202Zippo Lapel Pin
203Zippo Collection Manual 3rd Ed., 1993
204RFID Protection Card Case
205Adams Mfg Co PA Zip-a-flint
206 >Zippo Necktie
207 >2000 Zippo/Case Swap Meet WR Case Beer Bottle
208 >2000 Zippo/Case Swap Meet Zip Light Beer Bottle
209142470 (FS96) 96 Lighter Counter Top Display Case
210142711 60 Piece Light and Motion Display
211 >Royle Products Co. Altoono PA Zippo Advertising Wooden Token
212 >Zippo Men Eau De Toilette 0.06oz/2ml Vials On Card
213Zippo The Great American Lighter Edition 2
214The Vietnam Zippo 1933-1975
215Dog Tag / Bottle Opener
216Rockwood Tobacco Barn, Durnam NC Zip-a-flint
217Southwestern Bell Telephone Zip-a-flint
218 >Vintage Return Envelope
219Bottom Stamp Sticker, Red
220Black Salesman's Portfolio
221 >Walnut Desk Pad writing instrument set
2222017/18 Choice Catalog
223 >Zipp-Chute Parachute Golf Ball Prototype
224Wood hanging display
225Zippo Logo Wooden Golf Tees, Package of 10
226Zippo Bandana
227Zippo Koozie
2282001 Success in the Stars pin
229Metal Sign
230White Gyro "Fidget" Spinner
231 >Magnetic Playtown
232 >Zippo Komboloi/Worry Beads
233 >Out-A-Matic Universal Fabricators, Gen 2
234Vintage 5 Ounce Lighter Fluid Can
235Zippo Watch
23675th Anniversary Fluid Can