Zippo Wanted Zippo® Items!

  • I collect anything Zippo®. Lighters, Rules, Knives, Money Clips, Greenskeepers, Golf Balls, Pens, Pins, Letter Openers, Magnifiers, Key Chains, Displays, Books, Pill Boxes, etc.
  • I really, really like Zip-A-Flint, advertising flint dispensers. See a sampling below. What I want is not just limited to the pictures.
  • Any of the above with the name “Morgan” on it/them, Captain Morgan and Morgan Shepard (NASCAR) items generally excluded
  • Would love to add Barcroft #1 table lighter to my collection someday.
  • New England Patriots items not currently in my collection (See below as well)
  • ZippoLove Ebay Collections – Items I have found on ebay that I like or would like to have potentially.
  • My Amazon Wishlist has some Zippo® items too.
  • Anything below (click to enlarge and scroll)

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